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Tom and Rowan explore the Wellington coastline

The Navigators Return

S eek out adventure with this award winning show from Fuse Circus, the hilarious, the daring, the inspirational show: “The Navigators”. A spectacular circus adventure inspired by our sea-faring ancestors and our identity as an island nation. Full of magic, danger and death defying stunts.

The winner of the People's Choice Award on its debut at the World Buskers Festival Christchurch 2009, The Navigators returns: re-worked and refreshed and ready for new adventures!

Follow a group of intrepid explorers who whirl you along with them on their voyage, searching for lost worlds, for treasure, and for the meaning of life.

A cast including some of the most talented circus performers in the country will have audiences under their spell as they nonchalantly dangle from ropes, climb to dizzying heights and throw themselves into the air – all for your entertainment!

The Navigators takes you to a place where you are on the brink, and about to fly! Journey through storms, as acrobats soar above you, fall in love with the odd crew of the Fuse Circus rig, and laugh at their antics as they try to reach their individual and collective destinations.

A sneak preview of Navigators rehearsals!

Above: Tom and Rowan explore the Wellington coastline. The Navigators plays with themes of voyaging and discovery in a world where acrobats fly on ropes and swing into the sky!

Photos courtesy of Brett Stanley Photography

Reviews and Awards

  • Peoples Choice Award Christchurch World Buskers Festival 2009

“...the verve and nerve of the five performers is unmistakable. Their success lies as much in their theatricality as in their extraordinary physicality...The overwhelming impression they leave is of a group cleverly lacing dazzling accomplishment in the air with something more akin to true theatre, for they claim more than our fascinated gaze. In playing so wholeheartedly from their imagination they invite a response in kind. ” Lindsay Clark Theatreview

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