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Alter + EGO: mobile visual arts exhibition

A n exhibition of tiny proportions. Fuse Circus and The Palace are proud to host this beautiful visual arts exibition for Fringe 2010.
Alter+EGO is a visual arts exhibition that investigates artists egos as individuals and as performers - the relationship between our everyday identity and our 'performance' identity. While some artistic egos may be larger than life, the show's curator Vaune Mason insisted that in this exhibition, all the works be squeezed into the back of this gorgeous little mobile venue.

The Palace will be appearing at various sites around Wellington city, so you will need to be prepared for this unique exhibition to pop up near you!

Curated by Wellington artist Vaune Mason, Alter + EGO promises to be a stimulating condensed burst of culture and art.
Mason has collected an unusual mix of artists covering a range of disciplines and approaches. They include established contemporary artists like jeweller Peter Deckers, photographers who have contemporary as well as commercial practices like Nicole Freeman (selected for the Wallace art awards) and emerging artists like sculptor Wai Familton. In total there are 21 artists involved: painters, illustrators, costumiers, jewellers and sculptors.

The image of an art gallery in the back of a truck might suggest something rough and ready, but don't be fooled. Alter+EGO offers Fringe goers a small but intense burst of beautiful, whimsical and sometimes very personal arts experience.

Sale of Work

Works on display at the Alter + EGO exhibition are also available for purchase. Visitors to the exhibition can pick up the super cute and quirky catalogue, detailing how to secure a work. Payments may be taken on collection of your purchase or via internet banking. Purchases may be shipped out of town if required.

If you have questions, or are hoping to purchase a work contact Vaune and she will be more than happy to help.

Where and When to experience Alter + Ego

  • Wellington: Fringe Festival 2010
  • Odlins Plaza Wellington Waterfront: 25, 26 February 12 - 7pm
  • Courtenay Park cnr Courtenay and Taranaki 27 February 10 - 7pm, 28 Feb 10 - 5pm
  • Wellington Railway Station: 1, 2 March 10 -4pm
  • Free Entry, Koha Appreciated for the catalogue.

Above: Alter + Ego

Participating Artists

Peter Deckers, Vivian Atkinson, Vaune Mason, Mia Straka, Waimatao Familton, Annie Collins, Tanya Marriott, Cathy Tree Harris, Tim Gibson, Kathryn Yeats, Nadine Smith, Nikki Partridge, Andy Shaw, Nicole Freeman, Aaron Black, Gareth Jensen, Lissy Vullings, Hannah Jensen, Garry Buckley Marriott, Lisa Martin, Brett Stanley.

Alter + EGO is entirely grateful to these generous sponsors

Fringe!, Creative NZ, Workspace Studios, Fuse Circus

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