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The cast of Heavenly Burlesque give their curtain call.


O ur great delight and passion is to create and bring to you our touring shows.

Featuring many of our main artists, and some surprising creative collaborators, this is where our imaginations and skills are given free rein to delight and inspire our audiences.

Hilarious, edgy, slightly twisted, and ever so daring… Fuse Circus presents:

  • Revolver: shoulder-licking good!


    Fuse Circus has created a world of magical mayhem!
    After rave reviews at the 2012 International Comedy Festival, we return to the South Island with a special tour of Revolver. Aside from the glitter and the glamour, the sweat & the sawdust, Revolver is part romantic off-world future party, part gold plated V.I.P. exclusive event just for you.

  • Campground Chaos outdoor circus image

    Campground Chaos

    Kiwiana meets crazy circus! Inspired by the classic Kiwi Holiday, a tradition of sunburnt pleasure and carefree hi-jinkx in campgrounds, holiday parks and beaches all over the country. In Campground Chaos, the lively cast and hair-raising skills of Fuse Circus will show you a summer holiday you will never forget...

  • The Navigators outdoor circus image

    The Navigators

    Award winning spectacular outdoor circus! An adventure inspired by ocean voyaging: full of magic, danger and death defying stunts! The Fuse Circus cast nonchalantly dangle from ropes, climb to dizzying heights and throw themselves into the air. These intrepid explorers whirl you along on their voyage searching for lost worlds. Journey through storms as acrobats soar above you, fall in love with the oddball performers, and laugh at their antics as they try to reach their collective destinations

  • Gallery of Oddities

    Gallery of Oddities

    The one and only, the marvelous, the magnificent Gallery of Oddities. Fuse Circus has created something very special, a mobile interactive gallery that investigates the myths, lies and outrageous rumours of the old-world fakeries of the circus freak show. Come inside and be entertained by the cooky Dr Marvella, and perhaps even purchase a curiosity of your own to take home!

  • Venus Star

    XXXMAS burlesque circus club night

    Be prepared for XXXMAS, the burlesque circus club night with just the right amount of Shmack! Inspired by European super clubs the likes of Ibza. XXXMas gives you high skilled circus acts in amongst the dance floor with a series of wickedly funny, charmingly bawdy, divine and devilish acts: circus aerials, fire breathing, hula hoop and showgirls galore. These superstars of circus and burlesque will send you home with a twinkle in your eye that rivals the fairy lights!

  • Heavenly Burlesque Logo

    Heavenly Burlesque

    The iconic, multi-award winning, sublimely entertaining cabaret where beauty and glamour go hand in hand with gravity defying circus, contemporary dance and anarchic humor. Sexy, fast, playful, exceedingly physical, and highly entertaining aerial acts, combined by the seamless magic of your very own host the loveable, unflappable, king of kiwi comedy; Vinyl Burns. “Cirque du Soleil for the naughtier audience”

  • Gravity Road Sign

    Gravity & Other Myths

    A truly astounding outdoor circus spectacular inspired by the stars, Gravity takes you to where science fiction collides with hard physics and has you gasping at the athleticism and death-defying acts. Gorgeous beings swoop, soar and balance high above the ground in a display of celestial characters and heavenly bodies in awe-inspiring orbits. …


Above: "We love you Wellington!" The Curtain call for Heavenly Burlesque at The Paramount.

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