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A circus should be sparkling with stars and these performers give Fuse Circus its spark!

  • Pascal Ackermann

    Pascal Ackermann

    The Dom Pasquale ladies and gentlemen!
    Pascal moves from wooing the ladies with his soulful Spanish guitar, to spine-tingling feats of fiery daring!
    Acts: Spanish Web, Straps, Whips, Adagio, Juggling, Guitar, Saw, Fire Web & Staff.

  • Tom Beauchamp

    Tom Beauchamp

    Rough and ready, strong and sizzling as he swings on the trapeze, Beauchamp will take your breath away as he launches off into space. Of course, you could also catch him with his double stock whips or clowning about as Nigel…
    Acts: Trapeze, Spanish Web, Tissu, Whips, Adagio, Character/clowning, Cradle

  • Skye Broberg

    Skye Broberg

    The candy princess or the crazy contortionist – Skye can balance on a tower of acrobats or cram herself into a tiny glass box – you choose! Skye charms the audience with her cheeky smile and fabulous aerial antics.
    Acts: Hula Hoops, Burlesque, Aerial Hoop, Neck Loop, Contortion, Adagio.

  • Tanya Drewery is The Magenta Diamond

    Tanya Drewery

    Circus luminary - The Magenta Diamond - sparkles across the stage stealing your heart with her wicked wink and flinging it about with as much marvelous precision as she handles those hoops. Burlesque beauty and whip-cracking humour – Magenta’s got it all!
    Acts: Hula Hoops, Straps, Spanish Web, Burlesque, Whips, Hand loops, Adagio, Cradle.

  • Maria Dubrowska

    Maria Dubrowska

    Her contemporary dance is described as otherworldly… her performance “lit up the stage in a moment of delicate truth”. Maria Dubrowska will spin a web of movement and passion that will hold you breathless in its spell.
    Acts: Contemporary dance, Character/clowning.

  • Rowan Heydon-White

    Rowan Heydon-White

    Hang by your toes in mid air? No sweat! Beauty, daring and strength are just part of the amazing combination Rowan brings to the stage. Don’t be surprised if your jaw drops…
    Acts: Trapeze swinging and static, Adagio, Tissu, Spanish web, Foot loops, Bungy, Cradle.

  • Shay Hooray

    Shay Horay

    Crazy, charming, slightly endearing and thoroughly hilarious! Bouncing on a pogo stick or taking the record for the most rubber bands on his head, the Rubber Band boy is our superhero.
    Acts: Stand up / Rubber Band Boy, Unicycle, Pogo Stick , Clowning.

  • Laura Hudson

    Laura Hudson

    Sparkling in the evening light, The Venus Star can be seen swooping through the air on fluttering lengths of silk or flinging herself off the trapeze – this girl was born to fly. She’ll sweep your imagination up into the sky with her, and then send you home with a twinkle from her sparkly hula hoops.
    Acts: Hula hoops, Burlesque, Tissu, Trapeze - Static and Swinging, Adagio, Cradle.

  • Daniel Lee Smith

    Daniel Lee Smith

    Curious and quirky - watch this one – he’s wily! Daniel is the quiet one but before you know it he’ll have you hanging on his every move as he whips up and down the ropes and brandishes his throwing knives.
    Acts: Spanish web, Knife throwing, Fire fans, Mime, Martial arts, Dance, Adagio.

  • Kim Potter is Vinyl Burns

    Kim Potter

    The King of Kiwi Comedy – the one and only Vinyl Burns! Slightly sleazy but somehow so very cute and appealing, Vinyl will have you in stitches and shaking your head in disbelief.
    Acts: Comedy cabaret MC: Vinyl Burns, Diablo, Juggling, Giant unicycle, Guitar & Singing (yes all at the same time!)

  • Eva Strangelove

    Eva Strangelove

    The fabulous feathers, the dazzling diamantes…Eva will cause a flutter in your heart as she tickles your nose with her huge feather fans. “Oh, and how about a little more Eva Strangelove!! One feather dance was not enough”.
    Acts: Burlesque fan dance.

  • The Twisty Twins - Nele and Jola Siezen

    The Twisty Twins: Jola and Nele Siezen

    Can you guess who's who?? This identical twin duo will wow you with their TWINcredible Acrobatic and Aerial feats. Intertwining beauty strength, balance and grace both on the floor and in the sky. Together they will amaze, confuse and mesmerize... adding a TWINtastic twist to any event!
    Acts: Adagio,Double Tissu, Stiltwalking, Cloud-swing, Acrobatic Waitering


Above: Our Hula Princesses take their practice very seriously.

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