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The Magenta Diamond

Acts for Hire

E ntertaining! Intriguing. Divine and Dangerous. We specialise in providing performers whose acts amaze and inspire, who can carry your event in the twinkle of their eye, and send you and your guests into gales of laughter, or dreams of desire.


Aerial Acts

  • Skye swings in the aerial hoop

    Aerial Hoop / Lyra

    Swinging, twisting, swooping – like a swing from your childhood dreams Aerial Hoop is like a suspended hula hoop where a performer can hang, twist and sit in the hoop in a variety of poses and drops.

  • Aerial Oddities image

    Aerial Oddities

    Amongst the many forms of aerial performance there are some that are hard to box. These include the hand or foot loop, the neck loop, bungy, harness work and many others.

  • Tom Beauchamp spinning on the spanish web.

    Spanish Web

    Watch in amazement as a muscled figure grasps a heavy rope dangling meters from the ceiling, and proceeds to climb like a monkey, swiftly reaching a height that would have your head spinning.

  • Pascal performs straps


    In an impressive show of strength and precision, an aerialist suspended in flight. Strap routines involve rolls, twists and holds performed in the air and on the ground.

  • [altText]


    A lithe figure swoops through the air suspended by a flowing length of coloured silk. They twist gracefully through a series of complicated somersaults and spins.

  • Rowan and Laura on the trapeze


    Talk about fun: trapeze is the big swing you always wanted! Static (still) or swinging, single or double: trapeze routines are always a crowd pleaser.

Ground Based Acts

  • Adagio Act


    Strength, balance, poise. Visually stunning and as poetic as the name suggests, Lithe acrobats form complex configurations that defy gravity and gender stereotypes!

  • Shay Horay on pogo stick

    Bouncy Wobbly Stuff

    From giant unicycles to pogo sticks and roller bollers, some people just have their feet under them less often! Bouncy wobbly fun is all part of circus entertainment!

  • Magenta Burlesque with Fans


    All our acts can be performed in a burlesque style: satirical and with a saucy edge that is titillating, stylish, and ultra glam!

  • Dan as Pierre Rouge

    Character / Clowning

    Charming, warm, naughty, silly or scary - characters can roam and help keep order at your event - or they can cause a joyful ruckus!

  • Maria Dubrowska dances in the light in the Heavenly Burlesque 2008


    Fluid movement, curious, emotive and passionate - dance and circus weave together to form a rich mix of beauty and culture.

  • Pascal blows fire in a Gravity performance


    Feel the heat and admire the gleam of flames on acrobatic bodies! Fire can be adapted into a variety of performances to add an amazing spectacular to your event.

  • Magenta Diamond hoops many hoops at once!

    Hula Hoops

    Hula Hoops are hypnotic - sparkling hoops twirling with ease around legs, arms, necks and hips! Hula hoop acts are wonderfully fun and can involve single performers, or can be part of an ensemble performance.

  • Vinyl Burns spinning the plates.

    Object manipulation

    Dexterity, expert timing and a sense of humour are all part of the recipe for juggling, balancing and manipulating objects. Often a combination of daring balancing tricks and clowning about, these skills add a delightful twist to a show.

  • Skye Broberg all packed up in her glass box.

    Side Show / Specialist Acts

    Crazy contortion or a nail to the nose: side show acts are quirky and very special. Fuse Circus artists are passionate about creating performances that are totally out of the ordinary!

  • [altText]


    A little bit scary, a little bit wicked, whip routines combine multiple volleys, tricks and twists of the whip. Colourful cowboy or saucy whip cracking Magenta... it's a little bit of trouble just when you want it!

Above: Tanya Drewery - aka The Magenta Diamond in her Hula Hoop routine

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